Dear Local Chairperson,


This manual is intended to be an extension of thehighly educational and training programs offered to our rail local chairpersonsas part of the annual UTU Regional Meetings.


As a localchairperson, you are an integral part of the foundation of our great union.Protection of agreements and membership rights, organizing and enrollment ofnew members begins with you.


Because youinteract with our members on a daily basis, you have the job of communicatingour vision to the membership, as well as receiving theirs. To the rank and filemembership the local officers are the UTU. You serve as their representative onlocal properties and as their representative in our organization. You serve asa negotiator, an organizer, an educator and a leader. The actions, orinactions, on your part directly reflect on this Union and it is instrumentalthat you have the tools to be successful. The UTU has developed this CDcontaining the “Manual for Rail LocalChairpersons” so that we mayassist in that success. The UTU publication entitled “You Are Hereby Notified” can also be found on this CD and may assist you.


The manual containsa brief history of railroad unions, a synopsis of the UTU’s structure andthe local chairperson’s role in it, our recommendations on the properprocedures for pursuing time claims and other grievances, and an overview offederal legislation governing the railroad industry up to and including theRailway Labor Act.  Mostimportantly, this CD offers a link to the UTU website (www.utu.org) which maintains the most currentinformation and links on a variety of topics.


It is our desirethat this manual and the website link will assist you with your everyday dutiesand prove to be a valuable reference tool.




                                                                        UTUField Service Department




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